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Daniel Ashcom


    Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback on this. I haven't recorded or mixed drums before and honestly I hadn't considered panning and didn't realize it was panned much wider than my references. I tried panning things less wide and you were right -- it sounds a lot better for this track. The hi-passed and low-passed reverb shared between drums and bass took a lot of tweaking of the bass level not to overwhelm the drums but I really like the result though I think a lot more practice with other tracks is required to get closer to a bass sound I'm satisfied with overall. Would you typically also send drums to a separate, second, reverb track in this context? I figured it would be too much.

    I'm not totally sure how I feel about it so I'll let it settle for a bit and come back with fresh ears. Here's a version with the tweaks I made:



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