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James Gorman

    Hey Dan, I had a listen to yours and your references. Listening to the latest it looks like found most of the stereo field issues. Two things that strike me for bass and drum in particular:

    - if you feed bass and drums to shared reverb with a HPF and LFP before the reverb you'll open them up a bit more; this is a key feature of the Walkmen and Beck tracks. Beck is also doing interesting things with the width of his reverb (see below)

    - it sounds like you've panned the drums really wide. Nothing wrong with doing this, but it is at odds with the live/garage-y vibe of the track (and references). It also means in the parts with the stereo guitars, they are on top of each other and there is a whole lot of empty space between the mid and sides. If you want to play with this you can strap a stereo widening plugin like Flux:: Stereo Tool or Hofa 4U Meter Fade and Pan and move the drums around.

    If you get Melda's MStereoScope, you can get a full stereo meter, and the ability to solo mid/side/left/right so you can look at what's happening other songs.