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Daniel Ashcom

    Hi James,

    Thanks for taking the time to help with this. I'm happy to share the track but please know that I'm still finishing up the mixing stage as it turns out with help from a couple people so I'm not quite to mastering as I'd thought. You can see the disaster that my experimentation gone wrong turned it into as well as its current (much improved) state here:

    I actually re-recorded the hi-hats and toms today but haven't uploaded the latest version yet. I only have one amp and one electric guitar and my audio interface has 1 mic input so I can't help but think that's contributing to the mono tendency. The guitars are double-tracked hard left and right.

    For my references I have The Black Keys' 'Everlasting Light' (guitar, drums, stereo field),the Walkmen's 'Wake Up' and Beck's 'Gamma Ray' (bass, drums). The bass is going directly into the audio interface and Guitar Rig. I'm following Warren's bass mixing tips from Youtube with splitting low- and hi-pass so the hi-pass signal may have reverb already -- I will check that as well. It's late here so I will do as you suggest to check the phase tomorrow morning as well as upload the latest version.