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face (chris) Janton

    I'll reply. I have tried the Sonarworks software. It does as advertised. I use "the competition" - IK/Multimedia ARC 2. The amount of correction can certainly be surprising. My mixes got way better (translation to different things like car, living room, etc.) I am far better able to get "better" bass. Mixes are far clearer.

    I listen to *everything* through correction these days - Audio Hijack helps me out. If I was doing it again the Sonarworks system would certainly be a top choice - well, I only know of two 😉

    I demo-ed their headphone software with my ATH-R70x cans and couldn't detect any meaningful difference between my headphones and "corrected" headphones. My ATH-M40fs cans got "different".

    Simply put, I won't run without it. My crutch.