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James Gorman

    > The course I had with the tracks was Phil mixing in the box

    that'll be it. I've been labouring under the impression they weren't recycling tracks. I did his Music Production course, which had a lot of Morgan in it. Things make more sense now. I might have to get this just to figure out what Phil was doing with that mix. I've only heard the Spotify version, and I wasn't super happy with its noisiness. Couldn't understand the direction after seeing the production video.

    > Just as you say, no editing error on the bass. He's hitting every 1 and 3 with the kick drum. but he's also hitting 2 and 4 and they all have 'grace notes' similar to the way the kick plays throughout. 2, 4 and the grace notes are more obvious because my kick is drowning out what should be the most stressed notes of each measure! Hve to work on that.

    Are what your calling grace notes the 'and' lead-in notes to the 1 & 3? They're what I think is adding the urgency (along with the general attackiness). But they are also played close to the same volume as the on-beat notes so I think you'll have a hard time using what's there without major surgery.

    > It was a revelation when I learned that everyone does it -- or has someone else to do it for them!

    Ha, yes, I remember being much more relaxed after learning that.