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Just Lisa

    : )
    thank you.

    The course I had with the tracks was Phil mixing in the box. I didn't see videos of him working with the artist. Different course? Or I missed them on Youtube?

    Just as you say, no editing error on the bass. He's hitting every 1 and 3 with the kick drum. but he's also hitting 2 and 4 and they all have 'grace notes' similar to the way the kick plays throughout. 2, 4 and the grace notes are more obvious because my kick is drowning out what should be the most stressed notes of each measure! Hve to work on that. I was digging the different vibe because in absence of so much other stuff in the track, the bass has bigger shoes to fill and variety helps.

    the arrangement is the fun part, one of the things that always attracted me to the idea of mixing, putting music together. duck to water, falling off a log, the ideas just come to me and I go with them. After working with Audacity and a usb microphone for a long time -- and getting really good at comping my own guitar takes in THAT imperfect environment, any editing at all feels like a breeze in Studio One. I thought I was cheating with my guitar takes. It was a revelation when I learned that everyone does it -- or has someone else to do it for them!

    I do believe I adjusted all the balances and changed a lot of the eq and compression before I posted this mix -- I mixed it in January originally and I learned a lot in six months.
    Nevertheless, really thank you. This is very encouraging.