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James Gorman

    You're welcome. This sort of thing is great for me too, gets me thinking.

    > I've never seen the video. It never occurred to me to look for one since I didn't think it would be a commercial release.

    I only found it on Spotify. I just meant watching the course and seeing the song evolve. I was a bit 'huh' when I heard where it ended up, then listened to Morgan's other stuff and it made a bit more sense. I was kind of riffing off the interactions between Morgan and Phil as the went through the recording in where I took the mix.

    > I'm not sure what the bass is doing

    I think it's just the part. I'm guessing it was Phil playing counter to the back beat to bring energy to that part (I'm not so strong on the music theory side of things so there's probably a better explanation). Since you don't have a back beat playing there's some of the drive (inherent in the part) but it doesn't play against anything, so doesn't quite fit in.

    > I think I'll start all the eq and compression from scratch. It might be easier that way.

    The balance is pretty close so this should work.

    If you doing arrangement and mixing on you first ever full track without help, in an imperfect acoustic environment, and getting where you did, I reckon you've nowt to worry about.