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Just Lisa

    Thank you for all the help!
    I've never seen the video. It never occurred to me to look for one since I didn't think it would be a commercial release. I had worked a lot with the Kalama Brothers "Simply Human" and when I looked them up, I found almost nothing. I thought Phil's mix of Simply Human was unfortunate for them. I become Kai Kalama's 98th subscriber on Youtube. Those boys have some talent and why they aren't a household name is beyond me. Guess I have to google Morgan Mallory now.

    So, in a vacuum, I was free to pursue my muse.
    It was when I heard how the vocal interacted with the kick w/o the rest of the kit that I fell in love with the song so I'm glad that translates in spite of it being so unexpected.
    Adjusting the energy of the vocal across the different sections of the song is a great idea.
    Bringing in the slide heavier over the end of the bridge -- I was going there, kind of, so more is better obviously.
    I can certainly work the stereo field better.
    I'm not sure what the bass is doing, I will check it out. Maybe it was an editing mistake.
    All of the technical issues are probably about inexperience and my listening environment. I think I'll start all the eq and compression from scratch. It might be easier that way.

    The course was the very beginning of my mixing career, so the fact that it's full of flaws is not the least bit surprising. I know I'm doing a lot better, so now that you have given me some direction, fixing it is going to be really fun.
    I mixed it on my old Audio-Technica headphones and then took it to my "Studio C" pre-acoustic treatment. MUD is an understatement. I was very discouraged, but used the situation to analyze my issues.
    Since then, I've changed my room, gotten the Byerdynamic headphones, learned my speakers, and installed the Morphit plug-in post-fader on my Main out.
    It was only a year ago that I found out what an interface was! I bought one from Presonus, got the Artist version of Studio One. Before that I was using Audacity and a usb mic or DI from my modeling amp. I quickly realized I needed to know a lot more than I did in order to get good results from this. Starting with: what are all these plug-ins for?
    And here we are.
    : )