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Erik Duijs

    Oh, and when I'm recording I'm also kind of starting the mix while I go along; I kind of started this topic with mixing finished multitracks in mind.
    But I'm regularly creating new tracks with my rapping buddy, and we use the opportunity of getting together to immediately start recording our ideas. And then it works for us to mix while we go along, which will give us new ideas etc; kind of a feedback loop 🙂
    But then when the recording is done, the project can be kind of a mess of quick ad-hoc mixing and recording decisions, so I often end up spending some time reorganizing the project to do a 'proper mix', which will then often lead to recording some more stuff (or re-recording stuff), etc, etc.
    I'm sure there are more efficient ways of doing things, but I also kind of enjoy this organic process when recording our own stuff.