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Jason Davenport

    This little box from Behringer works really well. You hook all your inputs and outputs, and control it with a tablet from anywhere in the venue.

    The column systems work great too, but I don't know if they will cover a 400 seat auditorium. They might...

    At the least, you will need some form of I/O to get the signals from your mic, and your prerecorded music to the loudspeakers. This can be done with an 2in 2out interface and a laptop, but you will still need some way to drive the loudspeakers. If the existing speakers are functional, and only the cables are bad, it would be much cheaper to buy new cables than to buy speakers. Still you will need some form of amplification to get the sounds loud enough to carry through the venue.

    As far as the headsets go, you could get a wireless setup, and place the receiver out of sight on the stage and it should work as desired. Here are a few to check out...