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Just Lisa

    Hi guys.
    The auditorium seats 400, I think. The stage is typical small proscenium type stage with no flyloft. The opening about 37' wide. The auditorium is shallow (not a lot of slope in the aisles) which means a much lower ceiling than a larger/steep auditorium.
    Mixer might not be the best solution, really.
    There is an existing system, but it is old and falling apart. There are two stage monitors and a number of speakers to fill the house with sound.
    Backstage, there are stage managers, stage crew, etc. We talk about opening the main, noting whether principle dancers are ready to go on, and other necessary backstage communication which no one should ever know about if you're attending a show. Anyone who is on stage already knows what to do. The communication is primarily with the booth, which is at the rear of the auditorium. Guys up there are running lights and sound and that's where the director sits. (Sound being a problem in only one venue, currently.)
    : )