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Guido tum Suden

    Hi Lisa,

    could you be more specific?
    How big is the room, or more important how big will the audience be in case of a show?
    Do you want a new PA at best?
    Do you really need a mixer and if so, for what?

    I would look for a column system pa.
    They carry well, are pretty feedback resistant and are not annoying when you stand close.
    Mono is usually enough, so one column.
    Many systems have bluetooth connection, good for playing music from mobiles, mini stereo jack in, for other music devices, microphone in for an extra mic and the usual inputs for jack and XLR.
    We do have a Maui 5 for our school, but we do have a bigger pa for bigger events.

    As for the headset, I do not understand what you do with them? If you use them for dance instructions, why not put the receiver on stage. What are you doing back stage? And what do you mean by several of you?