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Jason Davenport

    Hi Lisa!

    There are lots of options that would work for what you are doing. The biggest hurdle sounds like the budget. How big is the room? A small board would probably suffice if it is just one mic and some prerecorded music. You would need some loudspeakers(or run new cables to the existing), a power amp, and cables to run them. Mic cables and a mic for the presentations. An 8 or 10 channel mixer would be plenty. One with USB would hook you right up to a laptop. Yamaha makes one for about $200. Presonus makes good stuff. If you have one of their interfaces, it comes with VSL(Virtual Studio Live). This is a digital mixer in a box. It has effects, comp, eq, gate, all in the box. It can be used with a laptop, Ipad, or similar as a virtual mixer. Check your local music store to see if they have any used equipment that might be cheaper than buying new. If not, Behringer makes some decent inexpensive mixers. QSC makes decent power amps cheapish, or you could get powered speakers, depending on how big the room is... Never been big on wireless stuff, so not much I can tell you there. Hope this helps...