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face (chris) Janton

    The only PLAPA mix I have posted is "Blame it on the Whisky". I am chasing the Steve Maggiora songs and working with those, but not ready to post mixes. Only been here 6 weeks - getting my bearings 😉

    Live drums? give me a plexiglass cage, some AC and good headphones 😉 Maybe a nice Decca tree.

    I am coming to grips with my hyper-preference for performances over productions. MY goal is production to enhance performance. That's why I like the digital mixers so much - lots more possibilities for production.

    re: augmented sixths, maybe just hang with Picardy thirds for a while, then move up to Italian sixths 😉 maybe some delightful Dorian or fantastic Phrygian

    I did some serious time with Jeppesen "The Style of Palestrina and 'The Dissonance'" - 15th and 16th Century polyphony is such a treasure trove.