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Niki Pichler


    i also use sonarworks reference 4. it is really good but can cloud your mind! it isn't a get out of the jail free card at all. your room has to be treated quite good and your speakers should also be not on the shitty side to produce an even distributed setup.

    also hearing everything flat is not that intuitive as one might think from the beginning.

    for me it improved my tempo because my mixes are more balanced right out of my studio with the sonarworks on but it isn't a substitution of listening on many different devices to get the best results!

    it is also good for me having two other "headphone sounds" as i have 2 pairs of headphones + 2 pairs with sonarworks on so i have more reference devices!

    so long story short yes it is a really good tool but not that magical as one might think!

    cheers, Niki