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Niki Pichler

    Heho Dave,

    yeah consistency is nice to have and i really like it but that doesn't mean everything should sound the same. variety is also a big factor if i like an album or not! so keep the variety in every song but get a consistent sound (like you said, older recordings in terms of performance equipment etc. are not good to be mixed with newer stuff for consistency).

    when i'm listening to an album, i'm listening to it normally in one go and not apart a few months, so getting it to sound like the same band at the same time is crucial for consistency!

    a really good example of a good variety is the new foo fighters album "concrete and gold" and every song for me is really good on their own but together, the whole album lacks some consistency and so it seems like a best of album over the last 40 years.

    cheers, Niki