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Just Lisa

    I thought of you when I heard about the release! Even my mom heard about it which was weird -- she's not a jazz fan. Adam Neely, Youtuber, had a video on Friday.
    Checking in even though I'm out of town.
    Saw a Bald Eagle this am! Auspicious, I think. Doesn't happen too often.
    Flamenco. That's not a dance I know much about. And I do like dance music. (Ballet, Tschaikowsky, if I'm not thinking about music, I'm thinking about dance.)
    "Scales leading to chords" wasn't about playing scales. It's about how chords are part of a scale. I really truly did not know how the individual notes of a scale were assembled to create chords! Using the organization of the fretboard, I was able to work out a lot of the details on my own once I started thinking about it in earnest.
    Yesterday, in my theory book, I read the chapter about intervals. The idea of there being a difference between an augmented 4th and a diminished 5th is fascinating. IE the augmented fourth is more properly a tritone because of its being three whole steps, while the dim 5th is half step, two whole steps, and another half step -- so it isn't technically a tritone, but in common practice we still call it that for simplicity's sake. Never would have been so geeked to know that before.
    Wanted to do the homework/exercises, but there aren't answers in the book to check to see if I get it right. Details about how augmented and diminished intervals are dependent on key signatures. And all the sharps and flats. I was always terrible at reading standard notation. It's better, but not great. I think that slogging through the exercises will be very beneficial, nevertheless. (And what did you do on your vacation this year, Lisa?) (FUNNY.)
    Interesting about the number chart and Bach ... I was telling my mother about equal temperament today. My children were groaning in agony like they do whenever the subject of music theory comes up. I don't keyboard, I may have mentioned, but I ran across a string quartet version of the WTC, the idea of that fascinates me.
    I might check in again if it rains. Otherwise,
    Happy Fourth.
    : )