Just Lisa

    Hi Nick --
    Wow. It's really interesting and different. In a good way. I love that you left so much out! It makes more room for the fx on everything else. I hear the fx but must confess I don't have enough experience to identify them. Flange? (I don't even own a pedal board. I'm so lame.)
    And Warren's bass is one of the best things about the song -- he really likes playing bass, you can see it in the video. It's a wonderful thing to feature.
    Was that a guitar or synth you added? Not listening on my usual headphones and there are fireworks going off outside my window.
    And you are very good at drum replacement, I think. Although I might be wrong about the "replaced" part.
    With some massaging (relaxing the fx a bit and blending it all together a little more), could be amazing.
    : )