Just Lisa

    Hi Jason --
    Just happened to check email, I'm on vacation back at the lake in the photos for Side by Side on Soundcloud (it was on my mind, I guess).
    Today started with a Bald Eagle sighting! Auspicious, I think.
    And just now -- every dude with a lighter and fifty million fireworks.
    When I was a kid, there were no bald eagles in here in Michigan and fireworks were illegal.
    Left the mixing headphones at home.
    Giving my ears a much needed break.
    But, boy, those birds have gotten LOUD! No one warned me about that. All day long, noise noise noise! It never bothered me before. Weird, eh?
    Grats on your almost sixteen years. I'm working on ... twenty (holy crap!) five. Where does the time go!?!

    Two things...
    One, I noticed that a lot of people seem to hesitate in giving feedback and I wonder if it's because we don't know each other in real life and it's hard to offer critique about things we aren't sure of ourselves. Especially with the more creative aspects. I mean, I know some stuff about arranging and composing because it's one of my main interests. But I could never offer a technical opinion about a need for a dynamic eq or the compressor you used on your cymbals. I think I will start another discussion thread when I get back. One thing I do know for sure, I'm never the only one.
    Two, about your Side by Side -- there was a lot of interesting stuff there. I was wondering what would happen if you moved the vocal track back one beat, or one measure, just to see if you can get the groove of the vocal to groove a bit more with the rest of the mix. It starts too soon, I think, right? Like you shortened the intro? I feel like if it was just a little more comfy in its setting, it might work better.

    But, it sounded like Warren is planning to offer up the finished song for us to mix again? So we'll have an opportunity to really work it all over again. (Yes, I will be editing my strings and attempting a better mix.)

    Jealous about Metallica. Haven't seen them live. Going to see Disturbed next week though! They're playing a casino near here and I found a lonely single seat at a mostly sold out show. It's an outdoor venue, the sound wasn't fabulous when I went to see Death Punch there a couple of years ago, but the opportunity is too good to pass up.

    I need some classical guitar technique in my life.

    Happy Fourth! (Back in touch sooner if it rains!)
    : )