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Martin Østervig Larsen

    From what I remember from the videos I think it's mostly the 340 that he uses (OH and acoustic), but I could be wrong?

    The 140 is a back-electret design while the 340 is a true condenser - from what I've heard they both sound great, but I would definitely expect a quality difference. The Lewitts are great value for money in general, so I wouldn't hesitate to buy either. I have two 440's and the 840 - both great. If you can get the PLAP discount (which doesn't apply here in Europe) the prices are insane.

    Another great option affordable option is the SE electronics se8. They sound really great. I have a couple of those and use them for acoustics and OH.

    The quality of mics these days is so high that even really cheap options like the 140 or se8 sound great and will definitely not stop you from having great results. In the end, the player and guitar are much more important.

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