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face (chris) Janton

    Scales leading to chords - I will agree, as long as one thinks a bit about the structure while flittering up and down the scales. Morning exercise (right after brushing teeth) was all the major and minor scales, two octaves. Just to set the music in the head for the day.
    These days I have my "scale of the day" cards (right along with my Oblique Strategies cards) and I get a major and a minor, I, IV, I, V, V7, I and the like. My "I am behind" work is figuring out the chord progressions in Prelude 1 from the WTC. I hear it, would like to be able to do it like a Nashville number chart.

    "Solea"Ć” - fascinating flamenco

    And to get us all together again

    "Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album" is out there for streaming. Some "new" John Coltrane. Makes my weekend...