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Just Lisa

    Yes, but here in MI, humidity. Blech! Especially when it isn't warm enough to trigger the AC. Really not my fave.

    Okay, so you'll appreciate this:

    In 2013, my husband and my guitar teacher both said to me on the same day, "the scales lead to the chords" and I said, "No they don't"
    This was right before I left for three weeks at the lake. I came home a changed person.
    On Wednesday, I found a book, Harmony and Voice Leading, shelved mistakenly in the 'vocal' section of the used bookstore I frequent. (There's also a Music Theory section.)
    Significant because I laughed when I found it there. It's the book I've been wanting to find (size and information and price). It's a college level textbook. And I understand everything in the first two chapters.
    As you know, any discussion of music theory requires a basic understanding of some pretty esoteric vocabulary and a lot of concepts than seem more than basic on their own.
    And this is what I'm taking to the lake (only two weeks this year) for the "real" reading. It's so cool.
    And "Alexander Hamilton."
    And Mick Ronson's biography.

    Very coincidentally, the 'German Sixth' and its French and Italian cousins, is one of the things I was wanting this textbook for! It's top on my hit list of things to get to the heart of this year. I will be able to think about it with a project in mind now and that will help.
    (Love me some tritones.)

    And now, I really need to start packing. I may or may not be in touch for two weeks.
    : )

    Eating? Probably prickly pear.

    Tango. I think that's the beat I was hearing in Miles the other day. With a variation in the second bar?

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