Just Lisa

    Hi Jason!
    ... it might be a little TOO different. I really like your guitar. I get it about the drums.

    Please forgive me, I'm going to use this reply as a soapbox, okay? I'm thinking about some of the other more creative mixes here in this thread also.

    I want to say what's on my mind, but I don't want everyone to hate me. I know we all like different music. I don't like Miles Davis*, but LOVE Philip Glass, for example. And wrt Metallica? My favorite albums are 'the Loads' and I listen to them all the time in my car. There, now everyone can just stop respecting me altogether. ; )
    The point is: I'm pedantic, but not really.

    Most of you gentlemen are married, I think. Or you have mothers and maybe can relate a bit. Have you ever gone shopping for an engagement ring? Or been involved in the saga of maybe having that 'perfect' diamond reset?
    This is a love song. Think of the vocal track like the jewel in a nice ring. And in fact, an engagement ring because the dude is saying he wants a lifetime together, not just a roll in the hay, right?
    So ... resetting the vocal is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, but it should be handled in a way that reinforces its beauty rather than hiding it.

    Everyone should ask themselves, "Would my significant other take me back or forgive me if I played this song on a boombox standing outside her window?"
    And then edit accordingly.

    And so, from that perspective, Jason, I find that the rhythm of the new setting is making the diamond very uncomfortable to listen to.

    Thank you, everyone, for your attention.
    : )

    *Only because his style of soloing has too many notes