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Just Lisa

    James: Left field rocks! Fantastic idea.
    Same files, same file rate, my DAW, my headphones...
    It's the closest thing to apples to apples we can get.
    Although I'm always impressed by how the good the third hand tracks sound for FF videos, it's not the same as a listen on Soundcloud, and this is different still.

    And I know we're not supposed to mix with our eyes or put too much faith in the minutia of waveforms, but getting a good look at yours, mine, Phil's and Warren's all lined up together is very informative wrt levels and density.

    Peak-y -- good call. Definitely an issue. (Your snare in Of This I'm Sure is one major factor for me liking your mix and not Phil's.)
    We have to talk about mixing cymbals sometime.

    Much to digest.
    Thank you.
    : )