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Just Lisa

    Okay finally listening to Solea... that beat that comes in like 3 minutes in? ba BA ba (breath two three) ba-da ba-da-da
    No, more like this: One TWO Three (four one two) And Three And Four And
    Close, right?
    Never heard that before..
    No, wait there's more to it than that. Brain too tired to parse it right now.
    It's cool. Or hot. Tuscon Hot?
    Sonoran Desert. Haven't had those word rolling around in my head for a long time. Thanks.
    Cholla, Ocotillo, Saguaro, Prickly Pear and ... Barrel Cactus. The five main cactus types in the Sonoran Desert.
    But you probably knew that.
    But it's a pretty uneventful chord progression, more of a vamp. Better for playing anything you want without thinking about it too much.
    I like it.
    : )