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Just Lisa

    I have Bandoneon in my sound libraries, but I didn't know what it was. So, whatever we come up with, it can sound kind of right until we find someone else to play it for real.
    A favorite chord progression?
    I might even finally be motivated to figure out how to get Studio One and Notion to work together the way they're supposed to. The integrated notation software was one of the biggest selling points for me choosing Studio One last year. But I haven't spent much time with it.

    Funny: I love Gilmore's playing, but I don't like Pink Floyd songs, so I don't listen to them except when they come on the radio. I need a new Stratocaster. A few years ago, I would have said a guitar is a guitar, right? But NO! That's hard for the family to understand, and I don't dare buy another guitar until I get the exact right guitar.
    Don't tell them, but I really need two guitars. A real classical guitar.
    I played the most amazing Kremona classical guitar in a store a few months ago. Two grand. I put nylon strings on a parlour size Alvarez acoustic guitar I have that I like because I like the sound of it for jazz playing. But I'm not set up to record very much right now. I've been doing DI electric because that's the most convenient thing. Must be a European guitar (Germany, Hungaria) for emotional reasons.

    Somewhere around your neighborhood, I had the most amazing chicken in mole sauce that I've ever eaten at a little grubby diner kind of place. It's one of those dishes that only ever goes on a menu if it's something the cook does well, I think. So, when I see it, I order it, and it's not very often. We'd been to the air museum. My father in law worked on the Air Force One that's there when he was in the Air Force. (How's that for random?) That's if my memory of Tuscon is at all accurate.

    I'm spacing right now -- have you said you play drums or program drums? Do you have a beat or a tempo in mind. That could be a good place to start. Could be another Bossa Nova -- one of my faves. Swing: don't know much about it, but that never stopped me before.

    So, a dimly lit, Beatnik nightclub in Europe somewhere... Bandoneon, guitar, drums, bass (upright, right?). A fifth instrument would be good, but I'm not hearing sax or trumpet.

    Itching to play around with some harmony and take a break from eqs and compressors, I think!
    : )