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Just Lisa

    I like Gypsy Jazz in small doses. One of my favorite guitar players, Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold, is also a gypsy jazz player. And I have gypsy jazz picks to play my own guitar because they're really thick and grippy. Check him out: and
    One of my all time favorite guitar solos in the whole world is in a song called "Coming Home" Probably not your thing, I'm guessing. But give it a chance... (solo starts just after 2:30 and goes almost two minutes.)

    And, because of the song being a gift for a friend, it needs to keep the smooth jazz vibe I gave it initially. 112 bpm, Slow Bossa is how I wrote it on the lead sheet. Jim Chapelle, Estar Contigo, another of my all time favorite pieces of music.

    A study in contradictions? Not really. It's all about the harmony.

    So, tell you what... give me the seed of an idea and we can start a new project. A little more rapidly paced. Got a standard you want to reboot? A favorite jazz chord progression? I'm up for the composition. I've been so busy trying to learn to mix that I haven't really done much composing lately. Except for my Side by Side strings. (There's a post in the Feedback forum.) And if I start with the accordion in mind, it'll work better. I don't know much about the accordion, though.

    And please, don't bring up 'smoke' -- I've been having very serious issues with one of my kids and can only see red when I'm reminded of it. Not your fault, of course. Please don't feel bad.

    : )

    Classical guitarist Julian Bream had a dog named Django in a documentary I saw last year. Little guitar trivia.