Academy Dashboard Forum Production Mixing Can we talk about the master bus chain, please? Reply To: Can we talk about the master bus chain, please?

Jason Davenport

    When I do my gain staging, I usually start around -10 to -12db across all tracks and adjust from there. Busses get -6 to -8db, and the master gets -3 to -4db most of the time.

    The master bus meter is at -2 to -3db at the loudest peak. Then after the comp it does read somewhere between -4 and -6db, but then with the make up back up to -2 to-3db...

    After you have adjusted your automation, did you re-adjust your comp to reflect the level changes? If you raised something in the chorus, it can affect your comp settings... Sometimes it is necessary to automate the threshold of your master bus comp so it doesn't squash in a really dense mix.

    It's tough sometimes to only go and change one thing when you have a problem... I find myself changing a bunch of stuff, and sometimes only making my mix worse! Most of the time, I find taking a break and coming back to it a day later helps me find the problems without destroying my mix 🙂