Just Lisa

    Hi John --
    Nice job handling all of those distorted guitars. (I ditched all the amped tracks!)

    1 -- the vocal could use some reverb or something. It feels too in my face or too loud during the verses and too much the same through the whole track. (I'm listening on headphones, always.)
    2 -- there's an effect on the arpeggiated guitar in the choruses that pans it right to left? It's a bit much. Save it for the last chorus maybe, or make it punctuate some part of the song you really think is important, otherwise it becomes predictable which isn't maybe what you want.
    3 -- this is a personal opinion: Warren's solo is really great and I love the part in the bridge. But it has so much of the same tone as the other guitars, it gets lost during the solo. I like your level; try making it sound different so that it cuts through better. I know, we're not supposed to mess with a guy's guitar tone, but I'll bet you anything he already has for the finished track he hasn't mixed yet!

    : )

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