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face (chris) Janton

    Could you make it a really "smoky" soprano sax?
    You could make 2 mixes - one accordion, one sax 😉 Hot Jazz? Gypsy Jazz 1930s,
    Soundtracks of films all over the place. Cartoons.

    Tripletts of Belleville soundtrack. The whole plot of "Sweet and Lowdown" Woody Allen film with Sean Penn.

    "Bossa Dorado" - Dorado Schmitt tune - sort of like a "Minor Swing" - everybody can cover it. Stolen by many a spy movie title theme writer I surmise...

    Just go to the Google and type in "Hot Club of -your city name here-" and you may find the gypsy jazzers.

    I can live without the smoke too. It's just sort of how the scenes were set in the "olden days" - and we don't know what they were smoking...