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Niki Pichler


    i tried it and i really don't like this method. it is surely not my taste or sense of mixing but nice if it works for you.

    to set the levels, first i volume adjust every track with an plugin so my fader don't have to move so every track is around -18dBfs and not peaking higher than around -10dB. then i put all faders down and start with the most important tracks and balance everything against the more important ones (normally i loop the last chorus (or section with the most tracks) putting up in that order: vocals, kick, bass, snare, rest of the drums, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, sound effects; then i start mixing.

    it's counter intuitive that i want to have every track on the same powerlevel as it just creates a mess. you want to feature the most important parts and give other parts the supportive role.

    so that's why it doesn't work for me ^^

    cheers, Niki