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Just Lisa

    Very interesting, everyone! I hope you'll bear with me for a few reasons.

    Have you ever thought about this?
    When you are new to mixing in general, you need to learn vocabulary pertaining to WHAT is possible and HOW to make what you want a reality. In or out of the box doesn't matter.

    With respect to DAWs, you need to learn what the tools are called and how to use them to get what you want.

    With respect to mixing a song, you need to learn to set up a session, organize it for the best outcome and then do the work to get the finished product. (could be multi tracks, samples, recording stuff first, etc. etc.)

    That's a lot of stuff to learn. And a lot of jargon. And a lot of different ways of accomplishing the same task.

    I'm with Niki: bottom up seems to generally make the most sense.

    And Guido: Your EQ main then stereo main before Main out idea is intriguing. I can imagine that working very well for some things -- and I'm going to try it!

    And Jason: you threw another wrench into the works with your suggestion that there's more than one OUT! I don't use an interface except when I'm recording. Main out in my system means right out to my headphone or speakers.

    And Chris: I do like you mix to All Guitars, All Percussion, etc before heading to the Mix. It's like a system of funnels. I've been working to try so not much needs to be done at that level because the heavy lifting got done closer to the source (Kick Bus, Elec Gtr 1, etc.) (I have a Morphit plugin (Toneboosters) that sits post fader on the main out so it doesn't affect a mixdown no matter how it's set up.)

    "Stereo Bus" and "Two Bus" -- is that the MAIN OUT or the MIX BUS?

    : )