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Just Lisa

    Still in AZ? I lived in Chandler for several years, husband worked for Motorola. I miss the desert. I'll be moving back when some family ties are loosened up a bit here. My daughter thinks she would like the desert, so might come with me. None of the kids are in college yet, so that's awhile off.

    There is a forum for one's own projects here somewhere, but the lounge idea is a good one too. Like Arthur's "Cover" thread. "For your entertainment this evening..." Open mic = good. Or it might be intimidating. I've got some tunes that only exist as Musescore wav exports because that's as far as I've gotten.
    Last year, I was thinking about soloing over changes... never got very far, but I wrote a piece for a friend (former sax/clarinetist) and was thinking about how to get folks together to make it a real jazz number.
    And we're still talking about circles and harmony!

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