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Guido tum Suden

    I don't know Studio One but I can't see why you shouldn't put plugins on the Main bus.

    I have created a mix bus I named ST-EQ just for final eq-ing. From there the signal goes to ST-MAIN which has mainly compressors, tape-emulations and a limiter at the end. Finally the signal goes into the Main Out. On that I have a reference plugin and lots of metering plugins.

    In Logic the CPU doesn't like it when there are too many plugins on one channel. Also the channel strips won't fit on my screen with too many plugins on one strip.

    Logic also has a Master Fader. It's not really a channel, you can't use plugins on it. It is just a VCA Fader for all the output busses. You can have more than one output bus like the Main Out when your audio converter has more than two outputs.