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face (chris) Janton

    I use Logic.
    My "mains" are "Stereo Out" in Logic terminology. The LR channels that actually get "printed" or played.

    My mains have the Logic "Adaptive Limiter". "Out Ceiling" set to -1 dB, "Gain" set to 0.0 - whatever shows up in the WAV files will not be above -1.0 dB. I also have metering (post limiter) which I use to study the output.

    I have a "mixBus" that I place all sorts of things on. Most buses/tracks go here. Routed to mains.
    I have a "dryBus" that I route loops and samples through. Anything that has already been "processed" with ambience, reverbs, etc. Routed to mains.

    Normally I leave the mixBus empty until I am through with balancing and rough mixing. All of the hard work is done on busses like DRUMS, GTRS, VOX, KEYS.

    When I share songs I share the "mixBus"/mastered version of things, dutifully previews in iTunes before I send it out.

    My biggest issue is making sure that I don't send audio through my room correction software when I print it. I have mostly solved that problem by "correcting my room" on a system-wide level (ARC2+Audio Hijack, could use Soundworks) so it's always "right" for the monitors. I do have to futz a bit when switching monitors, but it's not a burden.