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Just Lisa

    Chris, wow! I said somewhere else, the mixer is like another member of the band. Without him, you still got talent, but maybe nothing to show for it. Metallica has a FOH guy who has been touring with them for over twenty years -- you need the guy who knows what your music is supposed to sound like no matter where you are.
    Beginning of computers taking over everything... crazy to think back now, eh? My husband does r&d robotics and ai. Remember 'oh, yeah' back before robots in the auto industry... my dad went to Germany and brought back painting arm robots to put into the plant where he worked (EE). Some people thought the world was going to end!

    3-d milling makes more sense to me that 'step sequencer' so I'm still curious about that. I did some mechanical drafting/engineering for space where parts were milled on a lathe or other machinery by hand in the shop in the building on the campus. about 1987.
    Earlier in the 80s, before MTV came to my town,but cable tv had, I wanted to make music videos. Folks said, "No, be an engineer!" Architecture was the compromise. And I've dabbled at everything ever since. Publishing, designing, writing.

    A STAGE makes me very happy and I have an outlet for that -- LOVE stage craft, lighting, sound, all of it. And being on stage, too. Spent all of my younger years in the pit orchestra (violin) or behind a video camera (making music videos, in essence).

    But now it's the arrangements that geek me, the way music gets put together, it sounds so different now -- better. Digital is magical. And convenient. I used to spend hours making mix tapes -- no more. Easier, fewer time constraints. Lord, please don't take my mp3s away. They're some of the best things since sliced bread! Couldn't have the vast music collection I have now without them.

    My goal is to become an halfway decent mixer. So I can get some of my work recorded (because I still prefer the idea of real musicians to samples), so I can get it out there. And then to be able to help some other people I know.
    Not for Spotify or sale, just my own purposes. Really.
    I had a brush with fame once, kind of turned my stomach.
    : )