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Just Lisa

    Hey, ramble on dudes! This is interesting.
    You both might be able to relate to this one...
    I've been thinking about consoles and keyboards (musical ones), and the like and how people get kind of crazy thinking their preferred way is the best way and it takes too much time to use a mouse and, etc. etc.
    For composing, I love using a mouse and notation software. It's a godsend. I'd be lost without it. Never could have done it before. I never could sight read very well and avoided standard notation most of my adult life but now I understand it better and use it as a tool. But I don't keyboard, I had a semester of piano lessons when my son had a teacher in 2013. Just enough to know I don't need to do that. And I much prefer playing guitar. But the idea of entering notes into a computer with a guitar is also nuts. The mouse IS my instrument in this case.
    On the other hand... when I used to architect and engineer stuff, I liked drafting. Real tools, real paper, standing at a real drafting table. Real ink, real lead, real erasers. During my one semester of grad school, I had a profound realization ... after spending the summer at a computer instead of a board, I was miserable. Using a mouse instead of a leadholder, trying to lay out a floorplan on a computer screen instead of a 24 x 36 piece of vellum was awful. I had spent a couple of semesters learning C, and one of those involved writing a CAD program (SO simplistic, but very educational). And I could see the writing on the wall. I left school and got married. Meant to go back, never did, same old same old. (plenty more reasons, just not relevant)

    The other day, my mother wanted a floor plan for the apartment she's moving into, so I got to dust off my measuring tape and do some field work for the first time in awhile. I've got a tiny drawing board and a t-square and garden variety #2 pencils over on my desk and TA DA... it felt great. The hardest part? Trying to work out how to use my reading glasses (!!?!) to see stuff I never needed glasses to see before. Yikes.

    But, consoles, once you learn a craft using particular tools, that's the way it feels best to practice the craft right? Okay I never need to FORTRAN on punch cards ever again, and I don't miss CRTs but, you get the idea. Computers are cool, but so are the 'old ways' for the comfort of being able to do it well -- to feel yourself being successful in a way that feels 'right'.

    So, Chris, your focus is recording stuff? Live stuff in bars? That's very cool. And (CNCs) you were in manufacturing? What are you doing in school now?

    Jonathan, what aspect of recording and mixing are you most interested in?

    About my bug... success, we got the 'repeatable' steps in a file and sent off to Germany. The support ticket has been resolved. Except my VCA faders and automation problem still exists. I just won't try to use them at the same time until there's an update. The husband said that the finding the error will probably point to a host of related issues where rounding numbers are a factor for the software guys.

    There's another issue that other people have had with exporting mixes -- automation not printing, or not working after some point in the song. And it seems to be better to print in 'real time' rather than the background process and actually move the dialog box during the mixdown to keep things stirred up for some reason.

    My question: if the interaction of the graphics involves a lot of math and processing MORE than the audio, why does it make sense for for a DAW to export audio more reliably when it is also processing graphics at the same time?

    I'm going to stop apologizing for long-winded now. Okay?
    : )

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