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face (chris) Janton

    Possibly a long reply, but maybe the quarter-note value is 50? I hate hardware 😉 so no tiny computers to program for me. Too many years of skinned fingers while inserting prototypes into buses. I was the kind of boy that convinced DigiTech to ship me the full specifications for their DSPs so I could write librarians (that was my goal, actually simple triggers was all I got) I do love me some software, too, but the siren call of the relational calculus got me out of that too! I have been known to make MySQL stored procedures that will emit scales as MIDI notes.

    DX7 was always too much. Had a TX81Z (micro-tunings - yay) that I traded away for an electric guitar and a short-scale bass (I play neither, but have been known to pluck). Was going to invest in FM8, but learned that the FM synths I have (Logic Pro, Novation BassStation) are more than enough.

    I never get close enough to get to a software engineer's ear any more - so bugs I find just wait for a fix or I find a work-around. Reproducible test cases (wholly grail) are hard with GUIs.

    I abandoned the MIDI rack in 2010. Donated the CZ-101 to a CRAS class. All the romplers went out in trade, MIDI interface as well. Evil MBOX went away (don't talk to me about line noise, hum, interference between my Furman power conditioner and my "Pro"Tools rig.

    These days I relax with my networking skillz and happily run Dante between my Macs for horsepower - 3 Macs, no waiting. iPad drives one Mac (Logic Remote), iPhone drives the laptop (Logic Remote), and I can deal with it all at the iMac with the X-Touch and Logic doing the heavy lifting. More audio inputs than I can use at home (thank you Behringer for the X-series)

    I never record at home to any real extent. Rather go to a bar and ask for the 8 inserts on a board, a tape out, and a spot for my Zoom H2n for room. I have gotten some entertaining recordings from the H2n tucked up above a pool table in a bar.

    I stopped buying gear when I got connected with local studio (WaveLab) and was able to see what was available. If I need to get "nice things" to record I know where I can rent them by the hour, engineer included 😉 Still don't know how to properly do a Celtic harp, but it will happen.

    Oh, yeah, retired. Some would say independently wealthy, I would say, my needs are covered and I can toss some funding to the local artists and facilities. I'm back in school again. It's the way I like it.

    If you ever need any database silliness that's my preferred outlet for programming. Have been known to write software to retrofit 3 axis mills into CNC machines, but that was before the CZ-101...

    I do tend to ramble.