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Matt Graham

    Wow, that's an awesome set up! Thank you so much Lem, I'll start investigating this asap.

    I hope your vids are made available. If not, are they on youtube or Vimeo?
    My system is very much small and mobile for spot recording. I use my mid 2012 MacBook Pro also maxed out, Logic ProX, Prism Sound Atlas. My only outboard gear at the moment consist of a BAE1073 mic pre (EQ) and the UK Sound 1173. I am capable of live off the floor recording or tracking against scratch tracks. With 8 inputs on the Atlas, I can get what I need from a small drum kit.

    If the session requires more, I'll use my Presonus RM32.

    So far I have not recorded a session where multiple artists have required their own mixes. I have done ONE live off the floor recording, one drum session where I laid down guitars and bass against the drums the following day. So, I need to get this stuff under control! LOL

    You rock buds!!! Many thanks...