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Samuel Botstein

    Hi Lem,

    I have not yet taken further steps to get in to SoundGrid, and am still pretty intrigued by some of the possible benefits, none of which are related to using plugins. I like the idea of just adding a device to the network for additional tape safeties and monitoring, and being able to work with something brought in (like a client's laptop with some BS DAW) very quickly.

    I'd have to figure out the situation with I/O and sample rates and channel counts, latency, and cost versus Dante.

    However, I am definitely leaning away from an HDX card now, as the I/O limits in Pro Tools seem to have been relaxed, and least doubled on my personal system. (Avid's site is inaccurate and not up to date. It's effectively useless). I'm going to investigate sample rates versus channel counts and latency expanding my Orion 32+ with MADI to a Burl Audio B80 Mothership before I think about ditching it for a SoundGrid/Dante Mothership.

    I hope to speak with someone at Waves soon, and/or test out SoundGrid in a local store.