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Just Lisa

    Hey Chris --
    Gotta love an engineer!
    In my case, it really IS a bug I have discovered. We're in the process of documenting and creating the repeatable conditions in order to get the report filed in order to get the developers to go and fix it. It's been there since 3.5. But I'm not allowed to say it's been confirmed yet.
    I honestly did not know how rigorous the whole think would be. No wonder people get upset thinking 'I told them this was broken and they didn't fix it!' and never went through the initial steps to get to the steps for the real report.

    I saw something interesting today: looking over husband's shoulder, he was writing Java code. The display looks so much like Studio One! Same color, laid out the same, similar locations for buttons and navigation tools... I would venture a guess that the Studio One code is written in Java. No experience with it directly, me.

    So, pick a mix you've worked on in Studio One. If you haven't added any VCA faders, add one and adjust it to some number other than zero. Then try to automate volume on a bus or track associated with the VCA, not nested and without previous automation. Experiment by adding a point with a mouse click and then control z -- and watch the fader on the track in question. And watch the history window. Do it while playing back a loop and you will hear volume changing and not being reflected correctly by the fader.
    Oh, and hey, if you're willing after you see my bug, you could go the Presonus forums and verify in my thread, THAT would be amazing!
    Because that is the step that keeps a lot of stuff from getting more attention, I think.

    So far OT now! Hope they don't kick me out.
    : )

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