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face (chris) Janton

    I use ARC (2). When I first installed it my mixes changed noticeably. After listening to everything coming out of my system through the correction (I use Audio Hijack to capture all sound and route through correction) for a number of months I will now say that my mixes improved. Right along with my listening being improved 😉 For the most part it has helped me with the low frequency side of things.

    I have profiles for all of my output sources (2 for my mains, close and further back), small AV40 pair, output pair from my piano/keyboard, and even my mono "grot box" (1980s vintage Kawai powered speaker).

    Changed my life. When I got a new stereo/home theater system I made sure that I used the built-in correction setup to compensate for the viewing room.

    The only reason that I would not use correction would be if it caused my sound to get worse. That only happens when I print through the room correction plugin (oops, silly me) so I don't do that any more.