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Just Lisa

    The universe is a funny place...
    C++ was just becoming all the rage right before the husband and I got married. He tried to teach me. I could not make the shift to thinking about 'objects.' Strangely, it all makes sense now. In a global way.
    "you could have been a programmer" he said to me this morning.
    the other day he laughed as he told me I'd be taking calc 3 soon.
    I hate math.
    but you have confirmed what I suspected as being plausible for starters. Thanks.
    It must be really cool to be able to use your own tool to create music. What inspired you?

    thinking about DAW operation and how many things could go wrong.
    at any point in time, user clicks on mouse, a bunch of data needs to be captured and stored depending on where, and needs to be manipulated while the user drags the mouse (or not). audio and video need to respond if needed to input. (Husband described this a bunch of processes happening in parallel.)
    user lets go of mouse and everything reverts to a steady state (temporary) in which some of data needs to be stored and some needs to be dumped. and if all of those processes have floating point numbers, I can see rounding might become an issue when the display in my fader only has one decimal place. most of the time, we'd never really know or care.
    and it's not unreasonable to think that in the case of my vca, in the one rare condition where I click on my mouse and then let go without doing anything, something should happen in the system but it isn't happening. (In this case, DON'T change that number, OR, if you change that number, you need to also add the change to the history so that user can UNDO)

    I made a test file and a list of steps to recreate the problem as short as I could.
    That's not easy -- it's hard to focus on one little detail.
    I thought I might call it Harvey instead of a bug. Or Snuffy.
    I feel kind of responsible to keep at it because until someone else sees it, no one can fix it.
    ; )