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Just Lisa

    Ooh, thank you, Chris! Automating a mixtool might be just the thing to work around for now! It is important to not automate the VCA in the current situation -- that's a huge piece of the bug problem.

    Floating point, exactly. -2.9 when I expect -3.0? Not cool. I generally try not to look at the numbers unless I need a reality check for very small fader moves. Another reason why the bug was so maddening, I was hearing problems, but not seeing them.
    Bernstein -- classic -- I wouldn't be here without it.
    Collier? Too random even for me.
    And Stevie Wonder is (undisclosed) before my time. I did grow up next door to Detroit so I can sing most of it, just never tried to analyze it.
    Played 'concert mistress' a few times back in high school.
    In the end, we must admit that we are all at the mercy of the oboe player.
    : )