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face (chris) Janton

    I think you meant "circle back". Didn't I hear somewhere that Stevie Wonder had all his synths and such tuned to A442?

    I *am* a programmer - so it looks like some weird rounding/math error 0 minus 6.7 minus 6.7, etc. Of course if you use integer math, not floating point, the results are exact, but! if I use floating point math and multiply 6.7 by some number there are points where the answer is not what we expect. On some systems it's as easy as 2.2 added 10 times (floating point) to NOT get you to 22.

    Is it possible to automate the Studio One "Mixtool" gain and have it behave with a proper change? Maybe automate the VCA?

    Personally I get grumpy when I try typing values into plugins (Logic usually) only to have the plugin decide to approximate what I meant.

    And to top it all off - I tuned my tuba to a Stroboscope. Every lesson I had was done as a duet, both of us playing exactly the same music. We had very "nimble" tuning slides that we could use to get those pesky notes in tune (King 3-valve tubas). It was always about hearing the notes and hearing them in context with the other notes.

    For me the circle is nicely described by Maestro Bernstein -

    Maybe we could get Jacob Collier to chime in with something like the "Circle of Eleventh's" ?

    MY definitions of "how classical music is to be performed" isn't HIP, it's 1960's New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

    enough already.