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Just Lisa

    Chris -- smiling back, with groaning kind of laugh.
    I'm afraid we might have scared Ann away! Hope not. If she was inspired to create some original music, I really wanted to hear it.

    I've been using Musescore (can't get Notion (Presonus) to work the same way) like an instrument and the playback is actually pretty decent sounding. I don't keyboard, I guitar, and if one is going to have to reconfigure one's midi input anyway, it's just faster with a point, click or a few key commands. String quartets. And sometimes I am aware the the math is too perfect by the way the notes just don't sound so great together. Or, rather, maybe I just never listened so carefully to individual notes before to notice them being out of tune. (Just a little).

    Oh, and Chris, did you know that different orchestras around the world still tune at several different standards? In Notion, the New York Philharmonic standard of 442 is used! They don't tell you that anywhere, but if you dig around, you find it and have the ability to change it. Sheesh. Any clue as to why this might be? (The orchestras, not the software.)

    Jonathan -- I like your perspective. But how do you deal with the math of the run on numbers in your software? (The husband is a programmer, too.) You have to round your decimal places somewhere.

    I've had a frustrating couple of weeks with the new Studio One 4.0 release. I found a bug, apparently 'random' and inexplicable fader drops when I was trying to automate volume on a bus. It was very difficult to discover that there was a pattern to the problem. I wanted to help track it down because it is (or is related to) a problem that has been around for two years. The bus has a VCA, which means the volume at any given moment will be (result of vca and bus math). But there is a situation in which you end up with repetitive drops, no record in the "history" and no commands to 'undo'!

    I finally had the brainspark to repeat it a number of times to see if there was a pattern...
    the VCA was set at -6.7, the bus started at 0
    as you can see, the math wasn't clean so, just running through an iteration or two wasn't telling me there was a pattern when the bus fader wasn't zero and I don't do math so well in my head, have to write it down.

    Once I saw it, I did it again with the bus reset to 0, the vca fader set at -1.0 and got:

    Set it up and repeated it many times. Needless to say, some developers are thrilled, I think. Oh, and yes, it's the same in Studio One 3.5 -- I went back and checked. It doesn't happen when the VCA fader is at 0 to begin with. Hmmm, did I check it on the positive side? I don't remember. Probably should.

    Programmer husband was too irritable to engage with me about this over the weekend. Do you have any immediate thoughts when you see the pattern?

    And more generally: do you know anything about the math behind faders in a DAW? Obviously, input by mouse or keyboard is expected. And if I'm scrolling and could stop anywhere, or using my mouse to drag on the volume envelope line in the arranger (which is what I was doing), during playback, that's a lot of input to keep track of. It needs to be stored to a point and then dumped -- which is where I think the problem lies. It seems as though that isn't happening under certain conditions.
    I understand. There is no way developers can predict every single possible combination of actions a user will try before a release. But also, if I (average user) can't reliably automate a lead vocal in a mix set up in a very well documented and normal routing that many other people use, and more painfully, when it affects rendering and mixdowns (the related problem other people have had!) That's very bad.

    I should probably stop typing now.
    You can "TLDR" -- I'll understand that too.
    : )

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