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Jason Davenport

    Side chaining the master bus means engaging a side chain filter on a compressor and setting the filter like a high pass filter, so the compressor doesn't affect the low end. Some compressor plugins have this function, some don't. Schepps Omni Channel has this functionality. Basically you put a compressor on your master bus, and set the high pass filter frequency above the low end. Somewhere around 150-200hz is a good place to start, so the compressor won't affect below the cutoff point allowing your mix to breathe. If the compressor is grabbing all those low frequencies, it can cause a pumping, or choking effect. Not sure how to do it in Reaper, with stock plugins, but I'm sure someone knows. You might be able to find a free plugin that does that. Also the Schepps Omni Channel from Waves goes on sale periodically. I just picked it up a couple weeks ago for $29. That's pretty cheap by anyone's standards 🙂 Hope this helps!