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Anita Potter

    Hey Patrick. I do watch a bit of Kenny's videos 🙂 Only reason I was asking was a couple of feedback Friday's ago Warren said something about side chaining the master to let the bass and kick (could've just been the kick) breathe. I'm not sure if he meant to say Master buss or not which is why I got confused. It would probably be easier to just make a bass aux and a kick aux and side chain those then send those to where they need to go.

    Yeah a lot of the info is outdated on searches. I remember finding one awhile back and they're talking about the I/O button (this is before I learned how to route) and I'm yelling at my screen I don't have one so I looked that up took forever to find that they renamed the Route button to that. I felt like an idiot LOL.

    I will check out that Facebook group as soon as I can. Thanks Patrick 🙂