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Patrick Bonier

    Hi, Anita:

    You CAN sidechain with the stock plugins in Reaper. I don't think you can on the master bus, but you can make a "pre-master bus" and do it on that one. Here is a link to a Reaper Mania video on ducking using a side-chain.

    I have been using Reaper for quite a while, and I have found that the best way to learn any new skills is to go to the videos that Kenny Gioia makes for Reaper. You can find them on YouTube at Reaper Mania, or by clicking the "Videos" link.

    The other question would be, "What are you trying to accomplish by side-chaining the master bus?"

    Searching for answers about Reaper on Google usually works better if you start it with "Reaper DAW" and then the term. For instance, I searched "Reaper DAW sidechain master bus" and got this as the top link, which explains how to do it:

    The biggest problem I have found when using google to search for Reaper answers, is to get posts that were made 10 years ago and now there is a better answer. I always check the date on any links before I click them, and try to get the most recent.

    Another good source is the Reaper Blog Facebook Group. Jon Tidey is another Reaper Guru and he is very active in helping people solve their dilemmas.

    Hope that helps.