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    @camoe Well since I own a Rupert Neve MBP this is easy to answer 🙂 It's okay to be a Rupert Neve fanboy especially in our line of work, however that unit was designed by Hutch, who also designed the Massive Passive by the way. However, that probably explains why the silk circuits are in backward. The Blue is actually Red silk. Not sure if they fixed that issue yet or not.

    The MBP is a really flexible unit. There are so many features in one box, you get multiple compressor styles, silk circuits, a limiter, M/S functionality and a stereo field editor. I think the box doesn't get a lot of play around here because it's not as clean as the Dangerous Compressor and not as soulful as the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor. I find that most often I'm using it for the silk circuits or as a mix bus compressor. I've contemplated selling it here recently just to get something a bit more specific and focused. It's a jack of all trades kind of device, but every time I think about it something comes around that makes me want to keep it. Like the silk circuits are saturation and they are phase neutral so you can add it to stuff even while mastering to give things a lift.

    My advice is if you are looking for a single compressor that is flexible and does multiple things, there really aren't many devices in this category and the MBP really shines. If you already have buss compressors and are looking for something additional, then the MBP may not be what you are looking for.